Happy Birthday ACV! A Year in Lists

Everyone loves lists.  That’s why Buzzfeed has recently surged to the 37th most trafficked website in America.  Accordingly, it only seemed appropriate to commemorate another very successful year of editorial prose and traffic statistics in a masturbatory celebration of numbers and lists.

36 months ago on this day, AC Voice published its first article.  Moving away from the gender-exclusive associations in the nomenclature of She-Bomb.com, our predecessor publication, we coined “ACV” – the Amherst College Voice – to better reflect our updated mission and new staff.  While all of our writers post on a variety of topics, we wanted to rebrand ourselves as an all-encompassing, always-active campus culture publication.

Since August 2012, we’ve received 743,040 views, moderated 3,418 comments, accrued 1,851 email subscribers, and have been viewed in more than 160 sovereign nations.  We’ve published 1,044 posts, two of which have been featured on the Freshly Pressed section of the WordPress homepage.

And, as promised, some lists.

Top ten most viewed posts during the 2014-2015 academic year, listed alphabetically by author name:

Top five external sites that send the most readers to AC Voice posts:

  1. Reddit.com
  2. NYTimes.com
  3. Slate.com
  4. Twitter.com
  5. Policymic.com

The ten most bizarre search engine queries (not highest grossing, mind you – our top yielding search term is “Macklemore”) that have directed Internet users to AC Voicepages:

  1. kool mis se sex story
  2. sex sex sex xxxxxxxxxx
  3. mother teresa full photo
  4. sex foot girl korea
  5. http://www.scwees my pusy
  6. waffle house menu
  7. reasons given to ban books including witches
  8. coleg vathroom sax
  9. i’m not allowed to fill in my eyebrows
  10. why do people think that i think i’m all that

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