Happy Birthday ACV! A Year in Lists

August 26, 2013: Welcome Class of 2017, and Happy Birthday AC Voice!

Everyone loves lists.  That’s why Buzzfeed has recently surged to the 69th most trafficked website in America.  Accordingly, it only seemed appropriate to commemorate a very successful year of editorial prose and traffic statistics in a masturbatory celebration of numbers and lists.

12 months ago on this day, AC Voice published its first article.  Moving away from the gender-exclusive associations in the nomenclature of She-Bomb.com, our predecessor publication, we coined “ACV” – the Amherst College Voice – to better reflect our updated mission and new staff.  While all of our writers post on a variety of topics, we wanted to rebrand ourselves as an all-encompassing, always-active campus culture publication.

With high hopes and no expectations, and bringing all 574 posts from She-Bomb with us, ACVoice.com went live just before the start of Freshman Orientation last summer.  We didn’t know what we were doing at first, only that we wanted an web-based medium to publish thoughtful editorials on student life, providing the campus with a regularly updated alternative to the opinion sections of our peer on-campus publications.

Since personally paying for the domain name out of pocket in August 2012, we’ve received a quarter million views, moderated 1,700 comments, accrued 466 email subscribers, and have been viewed in more than 160 sovereign nations.  We’ve published 180 posts, two of which have been featured on the Freshly Pressed section of the WordPress homepage.  Seven guest writers have posted via our featurecreature account. And we’ve been thrice satirized by The Muckrake.

A few weeks ago, we received a generous stipend from Generation Progress, the youth outlet of the Center for American Progress.  With all of our basic needs accounted for, we are excited to start our first year as a veteran publication at Amherst. As co-editor of AC Voice for the past year, I couldn’t be prouder of how far we’ve come, or more excited about the future of the site.

And, as promised, some lists.

Top ten most viewed posts, listed alphabetically by author name:

Top five external sites that send the most readers to AC Voice posts:

  1. NYTimes.com
  2. Reddit.com
  3. Slate.com
  4. Jezebel.com
  5. InsideHigherEd.com

The ten most bizarre search engine queries (not highest grossing, mind you – our top yielding search term is “Macklemore”) that have directed Internet users to AC Voice pages:

  1. liberals in academia dishonest indoctrinating hates whites
  2. hot girls rape wallpapers without bras on their boys body
  3. name for fat horses
  4. hyper panda sports stationary cycle
  5. sexsexsex xxxxxxxxxx
  6. unusual pussy
  7. best friends just like spongebob and patrick
  8. вечное сияние чистого разума   (?)
  9. red riding whore
  10. where is the amherst sabrina statue   (hint: we don’t know, either)

For more information on who we are and what we do, or to download an application to write for us, click here.