Resolutions for the New Year… or at least this week!

I just got back from the gym not too long ago and while I was there I couldn’t help but notice the fact that there was about 100 extra people in there than normal (and by normal I mean before January 1st, 2012).  If you regularly attend a gym like I do then you are most likely experiencing the post-new year membership boom that happens every year when people resolve to be ‘healthier’ by going to work out and get themselves in shape.

Gyms must love the surge in membership but as a long-time gym goer I feel like most of the newbies just get in the way.  Now, I don’t want to stand in the way of anyone getting into better shape this new year, and I am certainly supportive of anyone that has set a fitness goal for themself.  However, I know from personal experience that these gung-ho resolutions makers will be gone before I go back to Amherst for interterm. They always join, pay the money, and then quit because they can’t stick with the dam resolutions they made about a week and a half earlier…. So part of me wishes that they would just not have come in in the fist place!

But, to be fair, I myself have also struggled to keep resolutions, and I know what it feels like to give up onthem.

In the following clip, psychologist Jennifer Hartstein tells us to first “train our brain” and gives a few other tips to help resolutions stick. (50 percent of people give theirs up after 6 months!)

Admittedly, some of what she says is a little but odd (her ‘happy folder’?!) and maybe dumbed-down for a general TV audience but I think some of what she says has value and its worth taking into consideration at some level.

Me personally, I think that the new year is not such a big deal if you are the type of person that tries to better yourself in some way every single day.  I like to think I am that type of person.  That being said, the clean-slate feeling that our culture identifies with the start of the new year is condusive to goal setting etc…

Good Luck and Happy New Year!