The Little Printer

Happy Christmas, as Harry would say! I hope all of our readers are in (or out) enjoying the holiday with their families (whether surrounding a fir tree or a nice spread of dim sum) but if you are anxiously awaiting the present-opening, or more importantly the arrival of the Christmas breakfast casserole, feast your eyes on these deliciously intelligent printers instead!

The Little Printer is a really cool, simple, and useful device. It works sort of like a personal secretary, delivering daily printouts on receipt-like paper including weather, itinerary, groupon deals, daily facts, SAT words, and really any info you would like, downloaded from your iphone. Basically it prints your RSS feed. And it’s adorable. Waste of paper or revolutionary organizational device? You decide!

If you haven’t heard of 3D printing (or are looking for a tech job with promise) you should really look into it. Though the video below makes it sound difficult (45 minutes of assembly is easy?), this technology allows individuals to create their own plastic things. And what is cooler than a life-sized Koopa turtle shell racer? You can find more information on this 3d printer at kickstarter.

Dancing printers! Also a waste of paper and ink.