Winter in Western Ma., Spells Shorts?

Although a few Amherst College men insist on wearing shorts out into the tundra that we call winter here in Western, Massachusetts, shorts are generally not a viable sartorial option between September and March. I’m from New York and I own five pair of shorts, at best. Even in the summer time, shorts really aren’t my thing, but if they happen to be your favorite clothing option, let’s think about winter-proofing them. So, tights and shorts have been around for a while. The look began trending back when I was still in high school- circa 2008. I wasn’t a fan then and I’m not a huge fan now, but I’ve compiled some samples of how regular women (not just models and celebrities) seem to pull off this trend.

Before we get to pictures, this New Yorker went under cover to do some hands-on reporting, ie- I wore shorts and tights out for the day. I paired patterned black tights with denim shorts, red flats, and a striped shirt- I was something of a winter sailor, but I felt like my five-year-old ballerina self in tights and a leotard- uncomfortable and slightly ridiculous.  As I waited on line for some unidentifiable sustenance at Val, I couldn’t help but notice my tights sliding down my legs and waist. Of course, the shorts followed suit and I became a very baggy, sailor-ballerina.  So what to do? Get off line to go rearrange my layers in the bathroom or wait for the interval seconds during which neither bystander nor server is looking at me whilst I hike up my garments… The decision was tough. Being the daring adventure seeker that I am, of course, I went with the latter. As my objective was speed and discretion, I neglected accuracy and wound up with a triple wedgie- that’s right, anything that could have wedged, did indeed wedge. So maybe I’m a little biased, but I know I won’t be reverting back to the shorts/tights combo for a while, but I challenge you make it work- good luck and godspeed!

Here’s some inspiration:


Gabi Mateo ’13, spotted wearing shorts & tights in Keefe.

Need more?

Check out this video that sheds light on the tights/shorts dichotomy: Street Style: Colorful Tights