As a child I was absolutely enthralled with Star Wars. But it wasn’t Leah’s hair-muffs or Luke’s essence-of-sex that got me going—it was the colorful array of ancillary characters—the lovable battle droids and fuzzy ewoks, Eopies and Falumpasets.

Look at that beautiful face!



Adorable :





Guess who I'm dressing up as for Halloween?











The Falumpaset, nobelest of beasts


Eopies even made it into classicism!

If you are interested in perusing the complete online dictionary on Star Wars creatures, I find Wookieepedia to be the ultimate source. And for the record, Harrison is more of a Star Wars nerd than I, as he pointed me to the aforementioned search engine.

AT-ATs, or All Terrain Armored Transport bots (pictured in the feature post), are the all-powerful, game-changing assault/transport vehicles used by the Old Republic in the Galactic Empire to win battles and step on Ewoks (tear). They can carry up to 5 SPEEDER BIKES and 40 IMPERIAL STORMTROOPERS! If that isn’t mind blowing I don’t know what is. AT-ATs are impressive as real, live creatures (which they are), but their on-screen presentation is even more awe-inspiring. For the first time in feature-film history, animators used tiny models 6-50 centimeters tall to shoot stop-motion footage. For those of us who appreciate stop-motion animation for its otherworldliness and playful feel, AT-ATs are GODS. This is why I was so pleasantly surprised to find the lovely video below by Canadian filmmaker Patrick Boivin.



Nothing says fall like a day in the park tossing a disk with your furry four-legged friend—or an AT-AT. Check out how the video was made below!



I expect you all tonight at Cocktoberfest, cheers!



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