a very special series from JujuBEAN

For this week [and probably this week only] my post will cover some happy shit, for once. Amidst the dross of racism, sexism, bankruptcy, political corruption, death and destruction it can be hard to appreciate the cool side of the pillow. So I’ll list some current [albeit somewhat miniscule] happenings in the newsworld, blogosphere and beyond and maybe you’ll emerge from today’s sheBOMB visit grinning a little bit more than you were when you woke up this morning.

1. The Weeknd just released a new mixtape, “Thursday.” Which if you think about it, makes this week better by default even if you have to do something non-fun, like making copies or scraping gum from underneath a Central Park bench.

2. Recent studies show that ecstasy has magical cancer-fighting properties. Which gives ‘ecstasy’ a whole new meaning. Win.

3. Anderson Cooper has an internationally recognized infectious giggle. I plan on watching this in the event that my day sucks.

4. Barnard College recently added gender-neutral housing to their residential life program.

5. Public middle and high schools are now emphasizing healthier lunches for students. One school in particular in Greeley, CO, where around 60% of their 19,500 students qualify for a free or reduced lunch program, even included a “food boot camp” to re-teach school chefs the art of making the perfect lasagna from scratch. I would imagine that foodporndaily.com is part of their curriculum. Have you seen this week’s brownie post? Insanity.

6. The United States, Russia, Canada, Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden all pledged to form a cooperative initiative to clean up oil spills in regions of the Arctic that are increasingly more appealing to tourist traffic.

7. Morgan Freeman is set to star in a Broadway play about Proposition 8, intended to be a fundraising benefit for the American Foundation for Equal Rights.

8. Google Streetview has turned its attention to the Amazon. That’s right. While nestled in your beanbag on a Wednesday afternoon you get to gaze upon the Amazon instead of your lavalamp or the iTunes visualizer.

9. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (yes, the partial creators of the internet) plans on funding some lucky American space-enthusiastic organization a startup amount of $500,000 to research the necessities of sending humans out into space to research various star forms. The project, fondly called the 100 Year Starship Study, will probably move at a glacial pace given our, ahem, unfortunate economic situation.

10. A Chinese basketball team gained enough footing to launch a formal complaint against their abusive basketball coach this week, largely helped by the vast amount of social media used to further said complaints. With infinite opportunities to communicate thanks to Facebook or Twitter, it’s becoming a lot easier for those on the receiving end of abuse (in China and elsewhere) to speak out.

It can be difficult (and trust me, it’s taken me an absurdly long time to even write this post) to find a happy headline. But they’re out there. And sometimes it can be nice to break up part of your week into delicious morsels of optimism.

*Thanks to Rachel Brickman ’12 for her help on finding sunny articles