Ok–I know, weddings and white dresses are layered in as many centuries of misogyny as they are rolls of satin, but, still, seriously people…I LOVE WEDDING DRESSES. Ooh, Kate Moss got married? Bet she had a great dress. Better google that shit! wait, what, you mean I have to wear grandma’s dress?! Well that’s cool, I can change–like–three times in the middle of the ceremony, right? So that’s still two dresses I can buy so…guess its fine

Seriously, I know there’s a thousand reasons that women dream and obsess about their wedding days, and I know that the root of all that fuss surrounding the dress is something that the rest of me doesn’t want to support, but God help me I will try on every dress on the east coast come my day. I’m obsessed and I don’t care. I’m dropping the t-BOMB right now (that’s a truth bomb for all you who are down on your she-BOMB lingo…) I will shut off my brain for the rest of this post, and I will ignore all of the little nagging feminist concerns, and I will smash all inclinations to analyze with a giant white hammer (wrapped in organza and with scalloped details of course) because I just freaking like wedding dresses. and that’s what this post is about.


don’t knock it until you try it! And by “try it” I mean watch enough hours of TLC’s hit series “say yes to the dress” to try it on vicariously through all the brides who look STUNNING in this figure flattering, curve loving cut!

she looks like a tornado of taffeta and beading and awesome
OMG its like flower petals where her mermaid scales should BE!


OK, so I have to admit that I’m being a HUGE stalker here, BUT my cousin just got married this summer, and his (now!) wife was GORGEOUS in her tiered laced gown. SOOO….I totally stalked them off of facebook to get this picture because they were so cute! and her dress was SO beautiful!



of course we have to include the original: Miss Josephine (Napoleon’s wife, who created the empire style waist, the name coming from the empress’ title)

not quite a wedding dress, but this kind of fur seems like a lost art that needed to be included...

classic meets sleek and modern…oooh


It wouldn’t be a wedding dress discussion if there weren’t some dramatic ball gowns involved! While I’m not partial to the style, I think there’s something special for some girls about being able to be a princess on their wedding days! :)

look at the texture on that fabric! you don't see that everywhere you know...

I respect the dropped waist for what it can do for womens’ figures, but I’m just not into it for me:


Naturally you have to include Kate Middleton:

SO MUCH DRESS (insert drool)

and of course the throwback:



beach-y AND bold

Although I’m often one to make bold choices, I have to say that I would go traditional on my day, maybe even vintage, maybe even grandma’s dress :) but I still want to shop for ’em all before I decide! (why are wedding dresses so much fun?)

if you want, take TLC’s quiz and see what kind of dress matches your personality! No matter how many times I took the quiz I got bohemian, but I didn’t like the dress, so I’m not sure how accurate it is…but it was fun!

annnnddddd….if you really want to be a princess on your wedding day (or if you just like looking…) check out disney’s new line of wedding dresses! They are all pretty and have good attention to detail! Each one is a BIG statement–so ariel’s dress is REALLY mermaid and Cinderella has a SERIOUS ball gown. I like them :)

ONE MORE THING! don’t forget the flower girl!

My adorable baby-cousin! this kid packs more personality than any other toddler I've ever met (plus she's sooo cute!)