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Writer Bios

James Hildebrand –- Editor in Chief
James Hildebrand ’15 is a Peer Advocate of Sexual Respect, the Co-Chair of Pride Alliance, and an Asian Languages & Civilizations Major.

Craig Campbell –- Founder, Advisory Council
Craig Campbell ’15 is “gay for space.” He is a two-year Arts House resident and is majoring in Math and Architectural Studies.

Marie Lambert –- Fiction Editor
Marie Lambert ’15 is an AAS senator, Amherst Crew Team member and English major.

Ethan Corey –- Head of AC Voice Investigative Team, Editor
Ethan Corey ’15 is a Political Science and Spanish double major. He has written for numerous publications, including The Amherst Student, The Indicator, NextGen Journal and Voice Male Magazine. Ethan also pursues his passion for food service as a breakfast server in Val on weekends.

Lolade Fadulu Social Media Editor
Lolade Fadulu ’17 truly believes that Life is a Highway. She’d like to major in comedy. She’s here all day, folks. She’s also involved with the Runner’s Network and the Women of Amherst.

Grace Brotsker –- Copy Writer, Contributing Writer
Grace Brotsker ’16 is a Women and Gender Center staff member, Chair of the Gender Justice Collective and a double major in European Studies and Law, Jurisprudence and Social Thought.

Siraj Sindhu –- Contributing Writer
Siraj Sindhu ’17 would rather be climbing trees. He is an AAS senator, Law, Jurisprudence and Social Thought and English double major, and a member of the Amherst Ultimate Frisbee team.

Tommy Raskin –- Contributing Writer
Tommy Raskin ’17 co-hosts a WAMH radio talk show called The Angle. He is majoring in History and is a member of the Amherst Political Union.

Gina Faldetta –- Contributing Writer
Gina Faldetta ’16 did not know yet that splendor is something in the heart. Gina is the chair of Gender Justice Collective and a member of the Arts Committee. She is majoring in Sexuality Women and Gender Studies and Economics.

Sharline Dominguez –- Contributing Writer
“Celebrate love wherever you are in the world.” Sharline Dominguez ’16 is an American studies major, a Multicultural Resource Center fellow, a Frost Library Student Assistant, and the Lead Ambassador for the Quest Scholars Network.

Annalise Nurme –- Graphic designer
Annalise Nurme ’15 “never remembers titles.” She is a caricaturist and former art editor for the Indicator and a managing editor for The Amherst Student. Annalise is majoring in Studio Art and English.


Liya Rechtman –- Founder,  Graduated Advisory Council

Liya Rechtman ’14 is ConstantLy Evolving. For now, she is AAS Chief of Staff and student representative on the faculty orientation committee. Liya is a Religion and English double major writing a thesis on Christian Zionism.

Anna Seward –- Graduated Social Media Editor
Anna Seward ’14: “wherever she went, including here, it was against her better judgment.” Anna is a former president of Women’s Chorus and works at the Frost Library. She is majoring in English and music.

Charlie Gill –- Former Contributing Writer
“Welcome to the layer cake, son.” Charlie Gill ’16 is an English major, lacrosse player, and an Athletic Team Engagement Leader.

Lilia Paz –- Former Contributing Writer
Lilia Paz ’16 is a European Studies and Russian double who is also a member of the Amherst Equestrian Team and La Causa.

Matt Randolph –- Former Contributing Writer
Matt Randolph ’16 is a Historian-in-Training (HIT), a traveler, an activist, and an unapologetic fanboy of superhero comics and films. He is the Co-Chair for Pride Alliance and a Diversity Intern for the Amherst College Office of Admission. Matt is majoring in History and Spanish.

Petey Suechting –- Former Contributing Writer

Evelyn Ting -– Former Contributing Writer
“Exploring in a dimension of time and space,” Evelyn Ting ’17 is double majoring in Computer Science and Anthropology. She is also a member of orchestra and the mixed martial arts club.

Jane Berrill –- Contributing Writer, Copy Writer
Jane Berill ’16 DJs “Foxtrot” on WAHM and dances with Amherst Dance. She is an Art History and Economics double major.

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