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AC Voice Appreciates: An Introduction


The staff of AC Voice welcomes you to AC Voice Appreciates Week: seven days of unadulterated gratitude toward the little things at Amherst College that provide a consistent source of comfort, brighten the gray days, and remind us why we chose to attend this school. This week, each member of our staff will publish a brief post about some aspect of their experience at Amherst–that is accessible to everyone who goes here–that makes him or her thankful. This might include staff and faculty, spaces and places, events, or experiences that are genuinely good, in order to bring to attention the little things that may, in the haze of our constant activity, escape recognition and appreciation. Refreshed from the week off, we want to remind our readers why life at Amherst can be really great.

Lola Fadulu ’17: Mr. Gads
Craig Campbell ’15: Research and Instruction Librarians
Marie Lambert ’15: Keefe Campus Center
Sharline Dominguez ’16: Amherst Staff
Charlie Gill ’16: Val Food
Matt Randolph ’16: Admission Deans
Gina Faldetta ’16: Bathrooms
Lilia Paz ’16: The Archives
Siraj Sindhu ’17: Amherst’s Beautiful Campus
Ethan Corey ’15: Extensions
James Hildebrand ’15: Joseph Hardy Neesima, Class of 1870
Liya Rechtman ’14: Raos Coffee
Christian Aviles ’14: Amherst Professors

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The editors of AC Voice use featurecreature to publish anonymous and guest submissions. If you are interested in posting to AC Voice anonymously or as a guest, feel free to contact us.

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