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(Lola Fadulu)–  In her closet, my mother has a duffel bag full of composition books that are filled with her crisp cursive writing – they make up her great novel. … Continue reading

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Talking Translation with Brecht’s Translator, Eric Bentley

(Paul Gramieri)– This year’s Copeland Colloquium, themed “Words in Transit: The Cultures of Translation,” has brought to campus a variety of artists and performers who seek to engage their audiences … Continue reading

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Dispelling the Liberal vs. Conservative Dichotomy

(Frank Tavares)– We talk a lot about dialogue on this campus, mainly, how difficult it is for us to have it. Despite initiatives such as the Day of Dialogue and … Continue reading

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Debunking the Debunker: The Truth About Racialized Police Violence

(Ethan Corey)– Like many students, my initial response to reading Robert Lucido’s recent series of columns in The Student was to roll my eyes and laugh. As Mercedes MacAlpine noted in … Continue reading

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Talking About Terrorism

(Obinna Ukogu)– It is no secret that nowadays the voice of the die-hard pacifist is lost in the broad context of conflict. I reserve my personal view, but I believe … Continue reading

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Save Me (Fiction)

Trigger warning for suicidal thoughts/suicide attempts (Eunnie Lee)– You woke in a cold sweat, your throat raw with shrieking and crying. Once you had calmed your shaking enough to keep … Continue reading

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Embracing the Weight

(Noor Qasim)– I remember the first time I saw myself in a mirror. It may be one of those early memories we invent for ourselves, an attempt to fill in … Continue reading

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