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Geography without Memory

(Noor Qasim)– I don’t remember the first time I visited New York. But I do remember many subsequent visits. My Aunt Molly has lived there my whole life and so … Continue reading

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Forgetting Ferguson

(Frank Tavares)–Over the last few days, you may have noticed a series of posters featuring names, ages, and locations posted on the entrance to Frost or your dorm. Like me, … Continue reading

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Not Identifying With Your Passport, Part II

(Camila Dominguez)–This is a response to Marc Daalder’s October 16th article on the subject of country. “Where are you from?” Ever since I stepped foot on this campus, this question has started … Continue reading

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Where Are Your Friends Tonight?

(Siraj Sindhu)– I spend an inordinate amount of time gripped with anxiety regarding my social position at Amherst College. I lay awake at night wondering what other people think about … Continue reading

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Not Identifying with Your Passport

(Marc Daalder)– Legally, I’m an American. I’ve got the passport and birth certificate to prove it. But truly? I’m not an American. I’m just a person who happened to be … Continue reading

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Imitation of Life

(Katherine Stanton)– English 105, Engaging Literature: Close Reading with Professor Sanborn is turning me into a prospective English major. Every class is entirely relevant to what I’m thinking about outside … Continue reading

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Typewriters and School Shoes

(Lola Fadulu) – I haven’t been particularly happy this semester. I shopped way too many courses during Add/Drop and because of it ended up starting the semester off behind in … Continue reading

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